Our Story

What is Jungli Vintage?

Jungli Vintage is a Washington D.C.-based vintage and secondhand shop.

Our collections are inspired by our Indian roots, love of the 90s, streetwear, and the beautiful D.C. landscape. Some pieces are secondhand gems, others are vintage, and some pieces have been reworked from traditional Indian garments.

Our goal is to bring you pieces that remind us of the beauty of past eras of fashion, but can easily be worn in the present.


Jungli Vintage is a DC-based online shop that curates vintage pieces that are more on the wild side.

We're fueled by nostalgia for our cross-cultural childhoods, respect for our South Asian roots, and an obsession with secondhand gems.


Photo Credit: Shelly Pate Photography

About the Owner  

Hi there!

My name is Rajni, and I am the founder of Jungli Vintage. Jungli is a Hindi word which roughly translates to “wild child.” Now, if you ask a kid who was raised “desi,” they will tell you their parents used this word when they were: 

  1. Dressed in a shabby fashion 
  2. Didn’t comb their hair 
  3. Used the dreaded left hand instead of right hand while eating 
  4. Insert other “impolite” actions here 

I chose to use the term jungli in my shop name because I wanted to give people an opportunity to wear clothes that are bright, bold, fun, and don’t take themselves too seriously. I fell in love with vintage and secondhand clothing over a decade ago, and am so grateful to get to open up this shop for you all.

The pieces I pick remind me of all my favorite childhood things - my ajji’s colorblocked sarees with sneakers, Yash Chopra Bollywood movies, Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns, Adidas swishy pants, and skirt suits.

I hope these pieces bring you as much joy as they bring me!

- Rajni